Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catholic man Kevin McDaid beaten to death 'by UDA gang'

The 49-year-old Kevin McDaid was beaten to death in Coleraine on Sunday evening by members of the Ulster Defence Association. His wife tried to save him, but while she did that they beat her as well. A neighbor came to help Evelyn McDaid and they beat her as well. She is pregnant, and that’s what she was screaming as well, but the attackers didn’t seem to care. Both women have been injured when they tried to save Kevin. It was to do with religion, because Kevin was a catholic and Evelyn is a protestant. One of the sons said that the police was about 100 yards away, but they didn’t do anything to save his father. He shouted at them, but they didn’t come. He called 999 several times, but they arrived too late. They gave Kevin CPR, but he couldn’t be saved. Evelyn and her children are devastated, but they don’t want the catholic community to take revenge.


Reaction to: Catholic man Kevin McDaid beaten to death ‘by UDA gang’

Killing a man because of his religion. I think it is unbelievable. I thought that these kind of actions were over and done, but nothing is further from the truth. That same night another man was beaten to death for his religion. It makes me furious to see that people can be so cruel. They not even killed this man, but they also injured his wife and the pregnant neighbor. What’s the use of killing someone for it’s religion? Protestants and Catholics believe in the same god and I am sure it’s not in the bible to kill people, because they are different or because they have other beliefs. I am wondering if it’s true that the police was really sitting there and doing nothing, because that would be another horrible crime. It’s their job to help people even though they do not have the same religion. I hope that they will investigate the whole situation very carefully and that they all have to pay for their crime(s)!


  1. I do agree with you, religion is not about killing but it is about love. People use religion all the time to justify their wrongdoing.If Kevin and Evelyn can live together in harmony then who are others to say that two different religions cannot join together in a holy matrimony. Very sad that it happened.

  2. I agree with you both. It is very sad that people use religion all the time to justify the things they do wrong. Religion is something beautiful and it is a shame that people make abuse of it. Religion is one line, I do not understand why many people make their own lines in it!