Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catholic man Kevin McDaid beaten to death 'by UDA gang'

The 49-year-old Kevin McDaid was beaten to death in Coleraine on Sunday evening by members of the Ulster Defence Association. His wife tried to save him, but while she did that they beat her as well. A neighbor came to help Evelyn McDaid and they beat her as well. She is pregnant, and that’s what she was screaming as well, but the attackers didn’t seem to care. Both women have been injured when they tried to save Kevin. It was to do with religion, because Kevin was a catholic and Evelyn is a protestant. One of the sons said that the police was about 100 yards away, but they didn’t do anything to save his father. He shouted at them, but they didn’t come. He called 999 several times, but they arrived too late. They gave Kevin CPR, but he couldn’t be saved. Evelyn and her children are devastated, but they don’t want the catholic community to take revenge.


Reaction to: Catholic man Kevin McDaid beaten to death ‘by UDA gang’

Killing a man because of his religion. I think it is unbelievable. I thought that these kind of actions were over and done, but nothing is further from the truth. That same night another man was beaten to death for his religion. It makes me furious to see that people can be so cruel. They not even killed this man, but they also injured his wife and the pregnant neighbor. What’s the use of killing someone for it’s religion? Protestants and Catholics believe in the same god and I am sure it’s not in the bible to kill people, because they are different or because they have other beliefs. I am wondering if it’s true that the police was really sitting there and doing nothing, because that would be another horrible crime. It’s their job to help people even though they do not have the same religion. I hope that they will investigate the whole situation very carefully and that they all have to pay for their crime(s)!

At it all night

Susan Boyle did it again. Everybody was really sceptic when this 48- year-old virgin walked in during the auditions of Britain’s got talent 2009. After her amazing performance she deserved her place in the semi-finals. After another stunning performance she earned a place in the final show by winning the public vote. She felt pretty good about the result and she wants to thank the British citizens for supporting her. Some guests of the hotel where Susan is staying at the moment are not really happy to have a room next to this singing star. She keeps on practising, even at night, and that is why some people have to face sleepless nights. They think Susan is desperate to win. Susan knows that everything can happen during the finals, but she is definitely going to give it all.


Reaction to : At it all night

Last weekend I was in England with Nicky and Simone and our B&B owners asked us if we wanted to join them watching Britain’s got talent. For me it was the first time I saw Susan Boyle. Amanda, Piers and Simon were very cynical about her and against her before she even started her performance. It was a wake up call for them that they shouldn’t criticize anybody for it’s looks and age. Though I think it is a very interesting subject, I did not really like reading this article, because of the writing style of The Sun. They add many useless information like “the songbird who has never been snogged …”. This has nothing to do with her singing so why putting it into the article. I know that some people like to read a lot of dirt about people, so they might think it’s interesting, but I prefer reading articles without the juicy details. I am wondering if she is going to win the finals. She isn’t pretty and she isn’t young, but she has a hell of a voice!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

European Space Agency recruits test pilot as Britain's first official astronaut

After a career of 18 years in the army and a one-year-long selection procedure, the 37-year-old Timothy Peake has become Britain’s first astronaut. It’s a surprise, because even though Britain’s yearly contribution to the European Space Agency is quite high, they only want it to be used for satellites and robotic missions. It has always been Timothy Peake’s dream to become an astronaut. The training will start for the six new astronauts in September and will last more than one year. It will take at least three-and-a-half years before the astronauts will take part in a spatial mission. ESA will have to compete with NASA for seats, so they cannot even guarantee they will come on board of the Russian rocket.


Reaction to: European Space Agency recruits test pilot as Britain's first official astronaut

I think Timothy Peake is very lucky to be in this position. The selection procedure was long and though and there were so many candidates so it is a privilege to join this team. I am also very jealous, because it has always been my dream to be a helicopter (Apache) pilot and that has been his job for 18 years. When I was a little girl I always wanted to go into space to experience the lack of gravity myself, and this dream will become true for Timothy Peake. He is a lucky man and I am glad he realizes this himself.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reaction to: Pandemic: When do schools close?

I did not know that children were more accessible for the flu and that it is more threatening for them. Swine flu is a hot item at the moment and I think it is shocking to see that some schools have already shut their doors. I thought the media was making a big deal of a little flu, but now it makes me realize that it is coming closer and closer. It is hard to imagine that the school where I work will shut its doors for a while in case of a swine flu victim. It is even harder to imagine that one of my pupils could be contaminated, because it does not seem to be so near. It can happen everywhere and after reading this article I realized that it is more dangerous and spreading around than I thought. I hope it will not be necessary to shut the doors of schools in Holland.

Pandemic: When do schools close?

Nine more cases of swine flu were discovered last Monday and five of them were children. Children are less immune for the flu and they carry it longer and in a more dangerous way than adults. The virus can easily be spread at school and that is why many schools closed their doors during the bird flu in 2006. At this moment there are some schools who have decided to close their doors for a while. There has to be a consistent protocol when the virus will become a threat for the health of children, because it will not work if one school shut its doors while the other does not. The head of a school decides whether this happens or not, but in this case The Health Protection Agency will lead and take an advisory role. Head teachers should start reading the DCSF guidance and they have to use the checklist to make decisions. Some parents are afraid and they keep their children at home. Others are angry that schools are panicking and closing their gates for precautions. In the meanwhile authorities are trying to agree on a common plan.