Tuesday, May 26, 2009

At it all night

Susan Boyle did it again. Everybody was really sceptic when this 48- year-old virgin walked in during the auditions of Britain’s got talent 2009. After her amazing performance she deserved her place in the semi-finals. After another stunning performance she earned a place in the final show by winning the public vote. She felt pretty good about the result and she wants to thank the British citizens for supporting her. Some guests of the hotel where Susan is staying at the moment are not really happy to have a room next to this singing star. She keeps on practising, even at night, and that is why some people have to face sleepless nights. They think Susan is desperate to win. Susan knows that everything can happen during the finals, but she is definitely going to give it all.


Reaction to : At it all night

Last weekend I was in England with Nicky and Simone and our B&B owners asked us if we wanted to join them watching Britain’s got talent. For me it was the first time I saw Susan Boyle. Amanda, Piers and Simon were very cynical about her and against her before she even started her performance. It was a wake up call for them that they shouldn’t criticize anybody for it’s looks and age. Though I think it is a very interesting subject, I did not really like reading this article, because of the writing style of The Sun. They add many useless information like “the songbird who has never been snogged …”. This has nothing to do with her singing so why putting it into the article. I know that some people like to read a lot of dirt about people, so they might think it’s interesting, but I prefer reading articles without the juicy details. I am wondering if she is going to win the finals. She isn’t pretty and she isn’t young, but she has a hell of a voice!

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  1. Well written! I join your opinion on the Sun. They other day I read an article in the "Volkskrant" about how the British media supposedly caused Susan Boyle (nicknamed as SuBO by the way) to break down and being sent to a mental hospital. Papers like the Sun do not care about the content, they only care about appearances.