Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reaction to: UK teenager 'saved by Facebook'

MSN, Hyves and Facebook are sites most pupils are familiar with. They use them to create their own profile and to chat. Mostly the messages are friendly, but it also happens a lot that children use these sites for bullying. Last year I had many pupils who were being bullied by chatting. That is why most people have a quite negative impression of these kind of sites. It is a surprise to me that it can also be used to save someone’s life. This boy was very lucky that all the authorities took the alarm very seriously and that he could be saved. I think it is fantastic to see that there is also something very positive about Facebook and other comparable sites.

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  1. Yes, this boy was incredibly lucky. On some level he might have wanted to be saved, because he did tell someone about his suicide plan. Although it was a huge risk to tell a girl that lived at the other side of the planet off course. This is probably the most positive effect that Facebook has ever had.