Friday, April 24, 2009

Reaction to: Teachers report 'racist bullying'

Bullying is also a problem I have to deal with at school. It happens that children think it is necessary to bully a classmate or an other pupil at school, because of their looks or other ridiculous reasons. The bullied children feel horrible and sometimes they stay at home, because they are too afraid to come to school. They are scared to tell their parents or teachers about the situation and that is why it can continue for many weeks before someone discovers it. Some teachers do not spend time on these kind of problems and that is why there should be an anti-bullying policy at every school. In this anti-bullying policy we can find the sanctions in case of bullying and this should prevent it from happening. That is why I think that every school should have this policy!

Possible topic for the speakers corner: All schools must have an anti-bullying policy

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  1. Children are very nice and sweet but they can also be very nuisance. All of the children have got the habit to bully another kid. I think that is their in nature. When it comes to racist bullying it makes the whole story a whole lot different. I know that children are using everything to bully another child. Now the trend is to bully via chat or msn or facebooks etc... Children should learn that this kind of bullying is not funny or cool, but it is very seriously bad. This kind of behaviour can damage a child that much... So it is a good thing that this school have got a policy against (racist) bullying. More schools should have policy.