Wednesday, June 24, 2009

UN shows scale of UK cocaine use

According to a report of the UN office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) the use of cannabis has decreased among young people in the UK, but the number of cocaine users is still very high. There are more cocaine users in the UK than in other European countries, with the exception of Spain. The UK has the largest cocaine market in Europe, with 860.000 users in England and another 140.000 users in Northern Ireland and Scotland. The problem is not only the number of cocaine users, but also the purity of the cocaine has declined. In 2007 the purity of cocaine was about 67%, but nowadays the purity is less than 9% and in some cases only 5%. The good news is that, because of the dilution of cocaine, the latest figures show a slight drop in users of this white powder.

Reaction to: UN shows scale of UK cocaine use

What a total surprise! The UK has the largest cocaine market in Europe and that is something I really didn’t expect. We all know that some (English) models use cocaine to stay skinny, because it takes away the appetite, but it was a big surprise to me to find out about the large international cocaine trafficking activities in the UK. It is also pretty scary to know that the purity of this powder is so incredibly low. I am wondering what is in the other 90%. I have heard some stories in which they say that there is glass powder in the cocaine. This glass powder causes bleedings in your body and it can actually kill you. One thing is sure; no cocaine for me.

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